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The Penwood Review is a biannual journal, which is released in the Spring and Fall. When ordering a subscription, please indicate the issue with which you would like begin your subscription. (You will receive a total of two copies.) When ordering a single copy or multiple copies of a single issue, please indicate the season (Spring or Fall) and the year. 

Subscription - $16

single copy - $8

International orders - please add $10 shipping and handling

You can send a check or order through PayPal. Send checks (payable to The Penwood Review) to the following:

Penwood Review

P. O. Box 862

Los Alamitos, CA  90720

Alternatively, you can submit your payment through PayPal. Submit your payment to and include the following information under "add a note":

1. Name

2. Address

3. Email

4. Order Type (for example, "one-year subscription starting with the Spring 2021 issue" or "one copy of the Fall 2020 issue")

NOTE: Please also indicate if you are a published poet in the issue you are ordering, and you will receive one extra free copy of that issue. (Order must be placed to receive free copy.)

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