Authors and Poets
Authors and Poets

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September 5, 2018
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Penwood Review – 2000

Penwood Review - 2000


In the Spring issue:

Askold Skalsky
B. Z. Niditch
Carol Hamilton
David Flynn
Derrel E. Emmerson
Ed L. Wier
Frank Fyffe
Frank S. Palmisano III
G. G. Gilchrist
Hazel Smith Hutchinson
J. Greg Young
Jennifer Sterling
John C. Sparks
John Davis Pilkey
Kimberly Sirick
Mary Crow
Mary Leah Christmas
Mike Catalano
Robert James Berry
Robert Phelps
Robert Wooten
Susan Sissman

In the Autumn issue:

Andrew Lee
Ann Horn
Bill Sweeney
Cecilia Swatton
Gail Zwirn
John Paul Russo
Kathleen Spivack
Lorraine Tolliver
Marc Widershien
Mike Hinson
Nancy A. Henry
Nina Tassi
Randall VanderMey
Robert Wooten
Shawnacy Kiker
Skylar Burris
T. M. Moore
Travis Stenerson
Yvonne Patrick
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