Authors and Poets
Authors and Poets

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September 5, 2018
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Penwood Review – 1998

Penwood Review - 1998


In the Spring issue:

Charles Rampp
Christopher D. Salaun
Gail Zwirn
Jane Stuart
Jeff N. Foster
Jeffrey Fiske
John C. Sparks
John Davis Pilkey
Linda Malnack
Lochlanina L. Tobey
Mary M. Brown
Michael C. Hinson
Michael Hwozdecki
Paul Willis
Peter Layton
Rachel Srubas
Randall J. VanderMey
Scott Moncrieff
Tom Padgett

In the Autumn issue:

Amy Jo Huffman
Amy Spacone
Ann Horn
Blake Elizabeth Waddell
Bob Griffin
Dale Ogren
Darlene Moore Berg
Dinah Frances Burnett
Edward Michael O’Durr
Jeff N. Foster
John Grey
Justin Toupin
Kristen Laine Clyde
Mark K. Fulk
Melissa A. Taylor
Nina Tassi
Patricia G. Rourke
Phil Flott
Teresa Breeden
Wesley M. Rice
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