Authors and Poets
Authors and Poets

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September 5, 2018
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Penwood Review – 1999

Penwood Review - 1999


In the Spring issue:

Barbara Smith
Beth Renwick
Brian C. Nixon
Carol Frith
Chris Crosbie
D. M. Stream
Dennis Norville
Ginger Murchison
Jacob Neal Listz
Janet McCann
Jeff N. Foster
John C. Sparks
John Davis Pilkey
Gail Zwirn
Gary Guinn
Lochlanina L. Tobey
Marcille B. Reed
Maria Shockley Erman
Peter G. Epps
Sally Smits
Tim Pompey
Vernon L. Harper

In the Autumn issue:

Ann Horn
B. Z. Niditch
Bob Griffin
Charles Rampp
David Chaudoir
Darlene Moore Berg
Doug Bolling
Geoff Pope
George Slanger
Jennifer Phillips
John C. Sparks
Kathleen Spivack
L. L. Ollivier
Laurence Overmire
Laverne Frith
Maria Shockley Erman
Mary Rudbeck Stanko
Michael P. McManus
Ned Haggard
Nina Tassi
Richard G. Lambert
Rosemary J. Wentworth
Ross Yates
T. M. Moore
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