Authors and Poets
Authors and Poets

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September 5, 2018
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Penwood Review – 1997

Penwood Review - 1997


In the Spring issue:

Carl Winderl
Christopher D. Salaun
Cory Jochems
Deborah Oesch
Heather Sellers
Jackie Bartley
Jenna Latham
Jessica Stebbings
John Davis Pilkey
Kevin M. Simmonds
Priscilla Atkins
Rick Hill
Shannon Marie
Yb Erik Anonby

In the Autumn issue:

Brett Foster
Carol Kauffman
David J. Partie
Del Doughty
E. Andrew Lee
Edward C. Hayes
Edward Higgins
Ellen E. Hyatt
Gary Guinn
Hartley S. Spatt
Jack Niewold
Jesse Hertstein
John Davis Pilkey
Kimberly Zarins
M. E. Tappmeyer
Mark Aveyard
Mark K. Fulk
Rachel Srubas
Rochelle Lene Harris
Tina Parker
Vickie Smith
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