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June 1, 2020
Lori M. Cameron, editor
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Song for a Newborn Daughter – R. J. Hejna

Soft in her father’s arms, rocked
the measured steps to bed,
rising through mystic tones
she is, in the dark, swaying dark,
a song, dear light-spun one
I knew among unknown realms,
where metaphor has never reached,
nor gravity tugged the heart.
Sung unlike a hymn she is,
more cleansing voice of a stream;
where birds join to usher flow
arriving and departing, telling:
“Life is now! Life is always now!”
Toward what she bends her dream
matters not so much as a slight
grasp of sleeping hands; and
under her tiny lids flowers play.
Their friends, the bees, announce:
“Honey’s for keeping promises
time’s effort can only delay.”
Now sweet love within a love,
new moon the old moon keeps,
my breath is breathed by other lungs.
Is it you or I who sleeps?


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