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Photos used with permission from the Academy of American Poets

Last updated:
September 5, 2018
Lori M. Cameron, editor

Our Protest Proof of God – Margaret Henning

If we are chance, why should we be concerned?
Why rage against injustice?  Why reject
destruction brought by nature?  Cities wrecked
by hurricanes, tsunamis, creatures burned
in bushfires, killed in cruelty?  Have we learned
through accident, survival of fittest, fashion,
to rail, to judge—demand the world’s compassion?
How comprehend, ‘this is evil, therefore spurned’?

Through Love, a stark reality, we discerned
‘protect the weak’.  Matter could not create,
nor evolutionary process demonstrate,
when evil spoiled the good for which we’d yearned,
that this was unacceptable; only a good
God could build within our hearts that ‘should’.


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