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June 1, 2020
Lori M. Cameron, editor
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How to Survive Answered Prayer – Fredrick Zydek

Sometimes praying is like walking in the wind
or swimming: You are touched at all points
and conscious everywhere. It is a place where
God is all at once and everywhere delicious.

The great melody of the universe will envelope
you; sweet reason will wash over you like waves
from a silver sea; blossoms will feel as if
they’re blooming from the center of your bones.

Expect there to be joy leaking at the seams,
a kind of praise that will not easily find words.
Expect noises and glossolalia. A gratitude solid
as a rock, a drawing of one’s self toward the light.

Not everyone will believe you. Go among them
like a dove among alley-cats. Don’t forget you’ve
got wings and can fly above them. And don’t
count on the answer arriving wrapped as the gift

you expected. The One who answers prayers
is more concerned with what we need than what
we want. Once in a while the two things merge.
When they do, expect something sacred your way.


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