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Lori M. Cameron, editor
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An Overreaching Splash – Peter Andrew Nelson

Fall 2004, vol. 8, no. 2

The sea’s salty air had long absorbed
Light foggy mist from your splash,
When two towers cast long shadows
Across the waters of a new empire,
Like a pair of exalting arms
Stretched in worship of that same
Golden sun whose siren song
Sang seductive incantations,
Drowning out father’s level advice.

Yours was the purest of flights, Icarus;
Transcending the movement of arms
Attached to home made waxy wings,
Soaring, with each flap greater distance
From Minos’ maddening maze,
Ever closer to freedom’s shining sphere.
Love and lift kept you aloft…for a time;

Spiraling from your lusty reaches,
The sea thirstily watched your descent
Like a puddle eyeing a rain drop,
The Oracle, stirred from slumber,
Blinked its auguring eyes,
Harbinger’s plummet fore its orbs.

Man’s first kiss of sky choked
In the hoarse throat of tragedy.

Prophecy cast as fable it appears.
But dormant truth finds the light,
Crossing many seas and centuries
To awaken the world with
Shattering force and terror.

Erasing long twin shadows,
Like feet disappearing under the water.

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